April 23-25 AAID District Meeting Puerto Rico

April 22 evening before AIA meeting, conference suite topic – share our own hard and soft tissue grafting/socket preservation techniques

Sept 11-12 AIA meeting New York Dr. Gamborena

• Fri lecture- Optimizing Soft Tissue Around Implant
• Sat case presentations- monitored by Dr Gamborena

Nov 11-14 AAID Annual meeting Atlanta

Day 1 or 2 – AIA members meet in conference suite


Soft tissue concept & trends restoring implants

Soft tissue concept criteria / Delayed implant treatment

Soft tissue concept criteria / Immediate implant treatment

Managing failures with implants in the esthetic area

Key surgical & prosthetic considerations for soft tissue integrity to achieve optimal esthetic outcomes

The goal to create a harmonious “esthetic” outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft-tissue condition as well as morphology is indeed difficult to create and maintain long term. The subepithelial connective tissue graft {CTG) is a favored option to treat and prevent gingival and peri-implant soft­ tissue recessions. It is usually placed in combination with a coronally advanced flap or with an envelope flap or pouch. This lecture will focus on the different surgical and prosthetic criteria when it comes to treat anterior implants using as a volume maintainer only soft tissue grafting procedures. Techniques and tools will be discussed in order to reach such results around anterior implant treatments.