[ezcol_3quarter]At the dental office of Dr. John Striebel, in Miamisburg, OH, we provide a complete range of dental procedures for all ages, and offer efficient, comfortable treatment to promote lifelong dental health. Dr. Striebel is a proponent of technological advances in dentistry because they allow him to perform procedures with more aesthetically pleasing and precise results. Our modern tools include CERECĀ® imaging and same-day restorations, intraoral cameras, and more. We also use magnification tools to provide more accurate and comfortable care. Schedule an appointment with Dr. John Striebel and experience our quality care for yourself.

Dr. Striebel and his team proudly treat patients of all ages. Our compassionate care and gentle touch make us a great choice for children, adults, and seniors. Regular checkups and exams are essential for good oral health. Your hygienist will remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your teeth during these visits. Dr. Striebel will also take x-rays and use our intraoral cameras to examine your mouth. In this way, he can make early diagnoses, recommend appropriate treatments, and keep you fully informed about your dental care.

Take a walk around the beautiful office of John R. Striebel Dentistry in Miamisburg.

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