We often associate a bright, white smile with health and vitality, even though natural tooth shades vary from person to person. Many people are born with yellow- tinged teeth, and others accumulate staining deposits as they age. With professional teeth whitening, Dr. Striebel can lighten the color of your teeth up to eight shades, so you can enjoy a sparkling, white smile that reflects your exuberant personality.

Dr. Striebel offers two methods of teeth whitening: in-office and take-home. Our in-office system involves a potent bleaching gel that brightens tooth enamel in just one visit. Take-home whitening produces the same great results, but extended over a period of time. You simply wear the trays we provide, and in about two weeks, your teeth will have lightened significantly.

Always seek the advice of a dentist before beginning a teeth whitening program. Mall kiosk whitening stations have gained popularity recently, although they often produce unsatisfactory and potentially harmful results. Dr. Striebel will first examine your teeth for cavities and hairline fractures to ensure teeth whitening is safe for you.

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